FST Project Updates

It has been several weeks since we launched Financials in the Cloud (FITC), Concur and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) as part of our Financial Systems Transformation (FST) project. Overall, the systems are performing well and the transition has been relatively smooth. As with any system implementation this large and complex, however, some issues have surfaced that were not apparent during planning and testing. We currently are working to address and resolve these issues.

Some issues are particularly frustrating for users as they affect core functionality and limit the ability of users to accomplish required tasks. In other cases, issues are causing relatively minor frustrations and require small changes to systems or work processes. All of the frustrations are important to address, and the FST project team and KU IT are working to prioritize and resolve all outstanding issues as quickly as possible. We have posted a list of the most significant issues in the Financials Systems Resource Center in myCommunity. We will continue to update the online list as we identify and resolve issues.

I appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue working to ensure the new systems are completely successful. If you are having any difficulties using the new systems, I encourage you to contact us at fsku@ku.edu.


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FST Project Overview Videos

The KU IT Training Team has created two videos to help explain this complex project.

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Town Hall Videos

The FST Project Team held a series of town hall meetings focused on each new system, as well as an overview town hall meeting for Deans, Directors and Department Chairs, and an overview for Principal Investigators.

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