Guiding Principles

  • Decisions should be made for greater good and not just for my team. Put individual and departmental agendas aside and focus on the University.
  • We will use the functionality of the system we implement to its fullest.
  • We will engineer for the rule, and improvise for the exception. We will focus on end user experience through the development of best practices for standardization, and always look for opportunities to reduce complexity and drive efficiency.
  • Commitment to use ERP system functionality instead of individual systems.
  • We will consciously build a system which provides data that will enable strategic decision making.
  • All project teams will take responsibility to maintain open communication protocols which will inform up, down, and laterally in a transparent fashion.
  • Clear expectations will be provided to team members. Participation is tantamount to acceptance of these principles.
  • In collaboration, team members will use their energy to advance the development of the system at hand, rather than addressing issues which need to be escalated to other areas.
  • Team members will receive facilitation training in order to embody results oriented, goal driven leaders who capture ideas for later and solve immediate problems.
  • Each of us will respect and adhere to project timelines. We will elevate decisions and prioritize projects in order to respect the time of individuals and of the group.
  • Establish protocols for issue escalation and urgent response including email, ad-hoc meeting, teleconference, etc.

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FST Project Overview Videos

The KU IT Training Team has created two videos to help explain this complex project.

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Town Hall Videos

The FST Project Team held a series of town hall meetings focused on each new system, as well as an overview town hall meeting for Deans, Directors and Department Chairs, and an overview for Principal Investigators.

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